Portfolio core service

Fast Track has taken the strategic decision and made the necessary investment to make our services the cruise industry a core competency.

We understand the importance of cruise line supply logistics and the value of a service partner that is reliable and agile to the market. We believe experience is our main value-added component and we are proud to offer the below solutions to the cruise industry.

As a result of our team’s dedication and professionalism we are proud to be the Logistics Supplier for MSC Cruise Line vessels calling Florida and the Caribbean.

Our Cruise Line Logistics team understands the rigors of turnaround day, and all the functions and required elements for the Cruise lines re-supply process to run flawlessly.

We create specialized supply chain solutions to meet our cruise line client’s fleet with a broad range of customized and flexible solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into their business model, not matter how complex. This includes: inbound and supply management – distribution of goods – import/export services and transportation – warehousing – cross-docking – reverse logistics – in-bond handling and customs clearance – dry docks and new builds supplies.  We utilize high-tech systems to capture accurate lead times and vessel requirements.

Cruise lines need ship provisions on the dock, on time, every time. We don’t just move your goods, we support and are an integral part of your turnaround

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Fast Track Worldwide Logistics is one of the most  diversified transportation companies in the world with a team of  dedicated, seasoned logistics and global freight management  professionals. We provide services endorsed by long standing customer  relationships, endless resources, and an impeccable drive to offer  customer solutions that are innovative. We offer complete Maritime and  Ocean services to include FCL, LCL, and Project Cargo services  worldwide.


Our expertise in the Ocean side of our business allows us to help you  make the right decision when shipping your goods. We build the right  solution utilizing multiple carrier partners to expedite your shipments,  ensure you have space available when you need it, and present you with a  logical price. We can manage this through our carrier relationships or  we can manage your contracts to ensure proper routing and container  optimization.


NVOCC spells FLEXIBILITY, gives you options, and ultimately piece of  mind. In the consolidated model, we have the flexibility to utilize many  different partners to move your goods to market. Whether we are the  master loader to a specific destination or whether it’s through a  strategic partnership, we can give you solutions that make sense. This  is all done seamlessly with one call and one invoice.


When you have a project that is complex and has multiple moving  parts, you need a solutions provider that truly offers solutions. We at  Fast Track Worldwide Logistics have the expertise to liaison with  multiple parties and bring complex projects to fruition. Whether it’s a  new building in Dubai or a beachside resort in the Caribbean, we can  find the right ocean combination to ensure your project is a success.

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Fast Track Worldwide Logistics recognizes that  logistics makes the world go round, whether it’s a major retailer  gearing up for a big sale or the arrival of your flat screen for the big  game, there are many moving parts to making this happen. That is why we  offer a full menu of Logistics services, encompassing multi-modal  transportation and focusing on every last detail. So whether you’re  preparing for the big game or stocking your shelves, we are doing our  part to keep the supply chain moving.

CFS / In-Transit

Fast Track Worldwide Logistics with the use of its CFS facility and  In-Transit know-how, can manage all your international moves using Miami  as a Mid-Point or Cargo-Transfer-Point to and from LATAM, Europe, Asia,  Africa, Middle East, and Australia. Our vast experience and  strategically located facility allows us to service your logistics needs  by using all available inter-modal type and style of services to meet  your transportation requirements. After all Fast Track Worldwide  Logistics has access to the world’s largest gateways.

Warehouse and Distribution

With our Multi-User Facility model we can offer as much or as little  space needed in order to facilitate your warehousing needs. The beauty  of this model is that you are not tied to the real estate, you can flex  up or down as your business dictates. The resources are owned by us so  we can collectively decide on how best to service you specific project,  to include, but not limited to: Order fulfillment and just-in-time  delivery, light assembly, packaging, repackaging, and labeling, quality  inspection , inventory control, cross-docking, final mile delivery, and  freight forwarding services.

P.O. Management

Fulfillment continues to be a complex scenario in the global  environment. The key to our success has been fueled by our quality  process. We are meticulous about our verification processes and have  engineered processes that have built in check and balance systems to  create an environment of high efficiency. The visibility we can provide  our customers is unparalleled and allows you the information you need to  make sure purchase orders are complete, accurate, and delivered timely.

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Our comprehensive North American ground logistics delivers customized trucking and freight solutions, including FTL & LTL, oversize loads, small packages and NAFTA cross-border shipping.

Our Road specialists will ensure operational excellence as well as cost-effective solutions that meet your needs in terms of transit time, flexibility and innovation with an emphasis on value-added services.

Fast Track’s modern technology platform allows us the ability to choose the correct qualified subcontractors based on diverse customer requirements with an emphasis on compliance, safety, security, professionalism and environmental leadership.

Services We Offer:

  • LTL & FTL
  • Cross-Border Shipping
  • Special Equipment
  • Local Pickup & Delivery
  • Small Package
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Drayage is the shipping and logistics industry term that cover the over-land transportation of Ocean Containers into and out of the main harbor port or terminal and rail yards over a short distance.

Fast Track can arrange Container Drayage transport from shipping port to final docking point at affordable rates, with on time delivery, and professional customer service. We coordinate with an extensive freight network, depots and steamship lines to help save you time and money. This includes pickup and delivery, loading/unloading containers, return to port, as well as maintaining full compliance with federal regulations and policies in order to provide the smoothest transportation experience for all of our Container Drayage customers.

Fast Track operates out of Port Miami, Port Everglades, and the Florida East Coast Railway. We serve global clients and small business clients, so we can always create a solution that is right for your business. We take advantage of technology to create a supply chain solution that does not have the potential for flaws or failure. Fast Track has interchange agreements with every major railroad and the premier steamship lines allowing each of our customers the flexibility to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Fast Track Worldwide Logistics professionals  understand the need for prompt clearance and quick release of your  cargo. We take every precaution to ensure that both customs and other  government agency requirements are met without exception. Import  clearance coordination and documentation services, including all  government agencies, are offered to customers transporting products into  the U.S.A.


Importer Security Filing (ISF) is a new requirement of the US Customs  and Border Protection Agency, applied only to vessel arriving  shipments. The primary role of this new requirement is to improve the  security of the United States of America by identifying high risk  shipments, and preventing any unauthorized cargo coming to our shores.  Importers or their agents are now required to transmit additional data  elements to CBP either via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) or the  Automated Manifest System (AMS) at least 24-hours prior to cargo laden  on board an ocean vessel destined to the United States. Fast Track  partners with you to ensure all the data required by U.S. Customs and  Border Protection for your Importer Security Filing is correct, and  complete, every time, on time.


Remote Location Filing (RLF) is a special level of clearance defined  by US Customs and Border Protection as allowing approved Customs Brokers  or importers to submit electronic entry data for clearance from a  location other than the port of arrival. This allows for one point of  contact for all of your clearances throughout the USA. Fast Track can  answer all of your questions in regards to electronic entry data for  clearance.

Wheels Up

U.S. Customs allows the clearance of freight while in the air and  destined for a U.S. port. Fast Track provides “wheels-up” service to  expedite the clearance process and allows for same day delivery. By  using “wheels-up”, cargo is cleared prior to arrival at the U.S. point  of entry.

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