Fast Track Worldwide Logistics recognizes that  logistics makes the world go round, whether it’s a major retailer  gearing up for a big sale or the arrival of your flat screen for the big  game, there are many moving parts to making this happen. That is why we  offer a full menu of Logistics services, encompassing multi-modal  transportation and focusing on every last detail. So whether you’re  preparing for the big game or stocking your shelves, we are doing our  part to keep the supply chain moving.

CFS / In-Transit

Fast Track Worldwide Logistics with the use of its CFS facility and  In-Transit know-how, can manage all your international moves using Miami  as a Mid-Point or Cargo-Transfer-Point to and from LATAM, Europe, Asia,  Africa, Middle East, and Australia. Our vast experience and  strategically located facility allows us to service your logistics needs  by using all available inter-modal type and style of services to meet  your transportation requirements. After all Fast Track Worldwide  Logistics has access to the world’s largest gateways.

Warehouse and Distribution

With our Multi-User Facility model we can offer as much or as little  space needed in order to facilitate your warehousing needs. The beauty  of this model is that you are not tied to the real estate, you can flex  up or down as your business dictates. The resources are owned by us so  we can collectively decide on how best to service you specific project,  to include, but not limited to: Order fulfillment and just-in-time  delivery, light assembly, packaging, repackaging, and labeling, quality  inspection , inventory control, cross-docking, final mile delivery, and  freight forwarding services.

P.O. Management

Fulfillment continues to be a complex scenario in the global  environment. The key to our success has been fueled by our quality  process. We are meticulous about our verification processes and have  engineered processes that have built in check and balance systems to  create an environment of high efficiency. The visibility we can provide  our customers is unparalleled and allows you the information you need to  make sure purchase orders are complete, accurate, and delivered timely.