Fast Track Worldwide Logistics is one of the most  diversified transportation companies in the world with a team of  dedicated, seasoned logistics and global freight management  professionals. We provide services endorsed by long standing customer  relationships, endless resources, and an impeccable drive to offer  customer solutions that are innovative. We offer complete Maritime and  Ocean services to include FCL, LCL, and Project Cargo services  worldwide.


Our expertise in the Ocean side of our business allows us to help you  make the right decision when shipping your goods. We build the right  solution utilizing multiple carrier partners to expedite your shipments,  ensure you have space available when you need it, and present you with a  logical price. We can manage this through our carrier relationships or  we can manage your contracts to ensure proper routing and container  optimization.


NVOCC spells FLEXIBILITY, gives you options, and ultimately piece of  mind. In the consolidated model, we have the flexibility to utilize many  different partners to move your goods to market. Whether we are the  master loader to a specific destination or whether it’s through a  strategic partnership, we can give you solutions that make sense. This  is all done seamlessly with one call and one invoice.


When you have a project that is complex and has multiple moving  parts, you need a solutions provider that truly offers solutions. We at  Fast Track Worldwide Logistics have the expertise to liaison with  multiple parties and bring complex projects to fruition. Whether it’s a  new building in Dubai or a beachside resort in the Caribbean, we can  find the right ocean combination to ensure your project is a success.